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Monday 30 May

Room: Descubrimiento

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Parallel 4a: Oncolytic viruses

Chair: Ramon Alemany, IDIBELL, Barcelona

17:15    Ramon Alemany, IDIBELL, Barcelona  

INV19   Cancer Virotherapy with Oncolytic Adenoviruses


17:45    Manuel Ramirez, Hospital Infantil Universitario Niño Jesús, Universidad Autónoma de Madrid

INV20   An update on the Celyvir translational research program

18:15    Alvaro Morales-Molina, Instituto de Salud Carlos III, Madrid
OR05     Using silent cells improves tumor homing and efficacy of of cell therapy for cancer


18:30    Cristian Smerdou, CIMA, Pamplona
OR06    Expression of Galectin-3 inhibitors from a self-replicating RNA vector as treatment for pediatric osteosarcoma


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