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Marco regulatorio de la Terapia Génica y Celular

La regulación de la investigación biomédica es compleja y está sujeta a continuas modificaciones. En los siguientes enlaces encontrarás información sobre diversos aspectos regulatorios a nivel español y europeo. Sin embargo, el único documento oficial al respecto es la versión impresa del Diario Oficial de la Comunidad Europea.

Gene Therapy Working Party (GTWP)

  • Work Plan

  • Mandate

  • Reports


EMEA/CHMP guidance documents

  • CHMP/GTWP/587488/08 Reflection Paper Quality, non-clinical and clinical issues relating specifically to recombinat adeno-associated viral vectors (Released for consultation Mar 2009)

  • CHMP/GTWP/60436/07 Guideline on Follow-up of patients administered with gene therapy medicinal products (Released for consultation May 2008)

  • CHMP/GTWP/125491/06 Guideline on Scientific Requirements for the Environmental Risk Assessment of Gene Therapy Medicinal Products (Adopted by CHMP May 2008)

  • Overview of comments received on the above draft

  • EMEA/273974/05 Guideline on Non-Clinical testing for Inadvertent Germline transmission of Gene transmission of Gene Transfer Vectors (Adopted by CHMP November 2006)

  • Overview of comments received on the above draft

  • EMEA/CHMP/GTWP/125459/06 Non-clinical studies required before first clinical use of gene therapy medicinal products (Adopted by CHMP May 2008)

  • Overview of comments received on the above draft

  • CHMP/BWP/2458/03 CHMP Guideline on Development and Manufacture of Lentiviral Vectors

  • CPMP/BWP/3088/99 Note for Guidance on the Quality, Preclinical and Clinical Aspects of Gene Transfer Medicinal Products



ICH activities

  • ICH website

  • EMEA/25059/02 ICH Communication Paper on First Workshop on Gene Therapy (9 September 2002)

  • Programme, report and speakers presentations from the EMEA/ICH Workshop on Viral/Vector Shedding (30 October 2007, Rotterdam)

Cell therapy and tissue engineering

  • Guideline on Human cell-based medicinal products

  • Overview of comments received on the above draft



Cell-based Products Working Party (CPWP)

  • Work Plan 2008



EMEA/CHMP guidance documents

  • CPMP/1199/02 Points to Consider on Xenogeneic Cell Therapy Medicinal Products

GMP Advice

While EMEA welcomes questions on its activities and the regulatory framework within which it operates, specific questions on the interpretation of GMP requirements should be addressed, ideally by the Qualified Person, directly to the relevant supervisory authority of the Member State in which the manufacturing authorisation holder is located. Manufacturers based in third countries should contact the authority supervising the authorised importer.

Documents of interest:

  • Eudralex Volume 4: GMP Guidelines

  • Directive 2003/94/EC

  • Directive 91/412/EEC

  • Good Distribution Practice

  • Information for Qualified Persons on compliance with the requirements of the Marketing Authorisation Revision 1

  • Update on the status of revision of Chapter 5 of the GMP Guide concerning "Dedicated Facilities"

  • Community project on the practical implementation of the new obligations for manufacturing authorisation holders (Art. 46f/50f Directive 2001/83(2)/EC)

  • Update on GMP for Advanced Therapy Medicinal Products



Good Clinical Practice (GCP)
The Center for Biologics Evaluation and Research (CBER) of the US Food and Drug Administration
National Institutes of Health
FDA - CDER - Guidance Documents


Useful documents from the European Parliament and of the council and the EMEA

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