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Wednesday 1 June

Room: Descubrimiento


Plenary 9: Gene editing in cancer immunotherapy

Chair: Sonia Guedan, IDIBAPS, Barcelona; Karim Benabdhellah, GENYO, Granada

15:00    Laurent Poirot, Cellectis

INV55    Repurposing endogenous immune pathways to tailor and control chimeric antigen receptor T cell functionality

15:30    JuanRo Rodríguez, CIMA Universidad de Navarra

INV56   Genome editing for improved allogeneic CAR-T cells


16:00    Sandra Rodríguez Perales, Spanish National Cancer Centre (CNIO), Madrid

INV57   CRISPR systems for cancer study, diagnosis and treatment

16:30    Noelia Maldonado Pérez, GENyO- Centro de Genomica e Investigacion Oncologica: Pfizer / Universidad de Granada / Junta de Andalucia

OR23    Feasibility of generating universal ARI-0001 T cells for the treatment of type B malignances


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