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Room: Ibiza

Tuesday 31 May


Parallel 6b: Cell and gene therapy of skin, skeletal & cardiac muscles

Chair: Ander Izeta, Biodonostia, San Sebastian

12:30    Fernando Larcher, Ciemat Madrid

INV34   Correction of recessive dystrophic epidermolysis bullosa using genome editing strategies


13:00    Manuel Mazo, Universidad de Navarra, Pamplona  

INV35    Computational biomechanics, 3D printing and hiPSCs: towards the generation of a biological ventricular assist device


13:30    Leire Gardeazabal, Biodonostia Institute, San Sebastian

OR15    Alterations in extracellular matrix deposition by wound bed fibroblasts during cutaneous wound healing of aged Sox2EGFP mice


13:45    Angeles Mencia Rodriguez, CIEMAT, Madrid

OR16    Genome editing for genodermatoses therapy: correction of a Netherton syndrome patient´s cells carrying a deep intronic pathogenic variation


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