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Dominik Witzigmann

NanoVation Therapeutics

Dominik obtained his Ph.D. in Pharmaceutical Technology from the University of Basel in Switzerland. Following research projects at the University College London (toxicity), German Cancer Research Center (RNAi and cancer), University of Basel (targeted nanomedicines and DNA delivery) and the University of Zurich (mRNA-based genome editing), Dominik joined the team of Pieter Cullis at the University of British Columbia to focus on extrahepatic RNA delivery utilizing lipid nanoparticle (LNP) systems. Dominik had leadership roles within the NanoMedicines Innovation Network (NMIN - a Canadian Networks of Centres of Excellence), he co-founded and led NMIN`s NanoCore to support >30 projects with advanced nucleic acid delivery technologies, and he served as a Board Member of the CRS “Gene Delivery and Genome Editing” Focus Group. Dominik has a proven track record in nanomedicines enabling tissue as well as cell specific drug and gene delivery. To translate next-generation LNP technologies into the clinic, Dominik co-founded and leads the LNP-nucleic acid company NanoVation Therapeutics.

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