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Sandra Rodriguez Perales

Spanish National Cancer Centre (CNIO), Madrid

Sandra Rodriguez Perales obtained her PhD in Biology (Universidad Complutense de Madrid), working on the discovery and study of cancer-related chromosomal rearrangements. After completing her PhD studies, Sandra moved to the Laboratory of Molecular Biology (LMB-MRC; Cambridge, UK) to work on the generation of mouse models of neoplastic associated chromosomal translocations with Professor T.H. Rabbitts. She then joined the CNIO’s Molecular Cytogenetics group to work on increasing the knowledge about the role of genomic alterations in cancer development and progression by mimicking chromosomal rearrangements using genome engineering approaches. She has a broad experience, of more than 20 years, in cancer Molecular Cytogenetics. Since 2017, Sandra leads the Molecular Cytogenetics and Genome Editing Unit at the Spanish National Cancer Centre (CNIO). With the combined use of CRISPR genome editing and cytogenetic technologies, the research activity of the Unit focuses on creating in vitro and in vivo models that recapitulate chromosomal, and epi-genetic cancer alterations. They also focus on the development of gene editing-based tools for cancer diagnosis and therapy. As a Core Facility, the Unit provides access to the latest cytogenetic and CRISPR technologies to national and international research groups.

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