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The Moroccan Society of Genomics and Human Genetics (SM2GH), and the Spanish

Society of Gene and Cell Therapy (SETGYC), signed an agreement yesterday to

promote the scientific and educational collaboration between the two societies.

The general objective of this collaboration agreement is to support the cooperation

between the SM2GH and the SETGYC in the field of human genetics, immunogenetics,

genome editing and G&CT. In addition, it aims to contribute effectively to the training

of young researchers (Spanish and Moroccan) in the following manners:

1- Train students and young researchers in the domain of the genome editing and


2- Training of trainers in the field of the genome editing and G&CT.

3- Co-organization of courses, workshops and conferences of interest to both


In the picture, the President founder of the SM2GH (Prof. Khalid SADKI) and the

President of the SETGYC (Prof. Ander IZETA) in the moment of signing the agreement.


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