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Monday 30 May

Room: Descubrimiento

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Parallel 3a: Gene delivery platforms

Chair: Karim Benabdellah, GENYO, Granada

14:45    Els Verhoeyen, ENS Lyon, Université de Nice  

INV15    Novel lentiviral pseudotypes for T and NK cell gene therapy and ‘nanoblades’ for efficient gene editing in hematopoietic gene therapy target cells and organoids 


15:15    Pedro Berraondo, Program of Immunology and Immunotherapy, Cima Universidad de Navarra

INV16    Messenger RNA in cancer immunotherapy

15:45  Pilar Martin Duque, Universidad de Zaragoza

OR01    Use and isolation of maternal milk exosomes: New vector for genetic hNIS therapy and diagnostic in oncology


16:00  Carlos Blanco-Benitez, LentiStem Biotech. GENYO. Centre for Genomics and Oncological Research: Pfizer / University of Granada / Andalusian Regional Government.PTS Granada

OR02    Lent-On-Plus: An all-in-one transactivator-free doxycycline inducible LVs ready for clinical applications


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