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Exogenous miRNAs as theraputic agents against malignant melanoma

J Peña Martín(1) J A Marchal Corrales(1) H Boulaiz Tassi(1) M Hackenberg(1) G Martínez Navajas(1)

1:Universidad de Granada

Micro RNAs (miRNAs) are non-coding RNA sequences with an aproximate length of 22 nucleotides that play an important role in regulating gene expression. Several miRNAs have been exposed as key mediators in cancer development, either by silencing proto-oncogenes or by inhibiting expression of genes involved in antiproliferative pathways. Some of the latter have been proposed as potential therapeutic agents against cancer. In this regard, we have studied for the first time the antitumour effect of several miRNAs previously sequenced from an invertebrate-derived sample. An in silico target analysis of these miRNAs revealed an interaction with proliferative and inflammatory key pathways. These sequences were later quimically mimicked and transiently transfected with lipofectamine in A-375 malignant melanoma cells. We have seen an inhibition of proliferation of up to 50% at day 3, which is caused by apoptosis induction as suggested by the annexin V assay. Once the mRNA targets of these miRNAs are confirmed, these results will open the door to the therapeutic use of exogenous miRNA in cancer treatment.

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