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Imaging techniques for in vivo detection of advanced therapies in disease models

P Martin Duque(1)

1: Universidad de Zaragoza

Cancer is a disease that has been known for many centuries. The approaches used to eliminate it have been very numerous. But in addition to looking for new methods to eliminate tumors, another approach would be to find different ways to selectively deliver those therapies to the cancerous area.
Among the new areas of interest in oncology would be the use of molecular imaging. The visualization of therapies could shed light on their destinations and administration times, especially when they must be combined with others.
Our research in the search for new "Trojan horses" to bring various gene or cell therapies to tumors and imaging and visualization of these therapies (by PET, MRI, IVIS, etc.) can be extrapolated to other pathologies and development of diseases. We have shown it in diabetes and wounds but they might be used for other pathologies. All of those results will be presented in this talk

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