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Outreach opportunity as a translator for EuroGCT

EuroGCT is seeking scientists who are native speakers of French, German, Italian, Polish, Spanish, Portuguese or Czech to help make reliable information about gene and cell therapy accessible. As a volunteer translator, you can lift linguistic barriers to help non-specialists make sense of gene and cell therapy in a language they can understand.

The European Consortium for Communicating Gene and Cell Therapy Information (EuroGCT) aims to support better informed decision-making related to cell and gene-based therapies. We provide patients, people affected by conditions, healthcare professionals and citizens with accurate scientific, legal, ethical and societal information and engagement opportunities. We provide the research community, regulatory and healthcare authorities with an information source on the practical steps needed for cell and gene therapy development.

This EU-funded project is led by the Centre for Regenerative Medicine at the University of Edinburgh in collaboration with organisations across Europe.

The website ( launched in January 2022 and will soon be launching in at least 6 more European languages. We need your support to provide as much translated content as possible. To join our team of volunteer translators or find out more about what is involved, please email Jennifer Lorigan:


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