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LentiStem Biotech

LentiStem Biotech is R&D company who develops therapeutic vectors for improving safety and efficacy of current advanced therapies strategies, with special focus on CAR-T cells. LentiSte, promoted by the Andalusian Public Health System, was born from the gene therapy group of Prof. Francisco Martín, who has over 35 years of experience in gene therapy and therapeutic vector development.

LentiStem licenses several technologies that are currently used in 20 laboratories worldwide and cited in over 180 scientific publications. We have unique platforms to improve safety, control and efficacy of existing stragegies: TCR-like, a synthetic system designed to express the CAR mimicking the physiological behavior of the T-cell receptor and Lent-On-Plus, a fine-tuned externally controlled and first-in-class system favored for clinics, which can be implemented for safer and efficient next generation of CAR-T cells against hematological and solid tumors.  These technologies have other potential applications in autoimmune diseases, biotechnology and regenerative medicine.

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