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Several job offers in Paris at the ICM - NeuroGenCell

Our team NeuroGenCell is based at ICM (Brain institute, Paris), a multi-disciplinary research center that try to cover all kind of neural sciences, which make it the perfect place to collaborate and exchange knowledge. We work on the development of new CNS gene therapy approaches to address different neurodegenerative diseases such as demyelinating diseases (multiple sclerosis, leukodystrophies), Alzheimer’s disease, ALS or Parkinson’s disease. The team is composed by a mix of scientists, physicians, engineers and students. Thus, all the lines of research have a translational point of view.
Our project is based on the generation of demyelinating disease model in mice spinal cord and its recovery by gene therapy. Hematopoietic stem cells are transduced by a viral vector and then graft into recipient mice by retro-orbital injection. After reconstitution of the hematopoiesis, a FACS analysis is done. Then, a lesion in the spinal cord is induced by an injection of demyelinating product. To follow the therapeutics effects, mice are sacrificed 7 days after. Therefore, is mandatory for the candidate to own the appropriate animal experimentation certificate and to have experiences in rodent’s surgery. Experience in some techniques such as intraperitoneal, retro-orbital injections, blood sampling, will be welcome. Moreover, experience in immunofluorescence, cell culture and molecular biology techniques would be take into account, as long the candidate would participate also in the sample processing and analysis. We are looking for a motivated candidate willing to master all the techniques needed.

We currently have 2 positions: For a technician and for a post doc